Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Squeals and laughter and strange googly-eyed animals

Yesterday I took Sofia to her 5 month doctor appointment. It went perfectly and she is a healthy 16 lbs 1 and 1/4 ounces and 25.1 inches long. Yay!

Before we saw the doctor, we were sitting in the waiting room with about 10 other patients. There was another family there with a little girl about a year old who was wandering around the room entertaining everyone. Well, toddlers love babies that's a known fact. The first thing she did when we sat down was come over to investigate this other little person, and being completely adorable she brought over a toy to give to Sofia.

It was this little stuffed lion with giant googly eyes. Cute and scary at the same time. Well I put it in front of Sofia and suddenly she was laughing. I mean full out giggles, not like her usual squeals (which, by the way are the cutest squeals ever). She loved that lion. She had the whole waiting room laughing too.

So after our appointment we headed over to the Pharmasave to buy one of these toys (They are called Yoo Hoo and Friends and I guess they are like Webkinz in that you can go to their website, login and create your own Yoo Hoo friend and learn all about different animals. They didn't have any more lions so I got something else (no idea what kind of animal it is). Of course she hasn't laughed again like she did at the clinic, no matter how much I wave that thing in front of her face. But it's cute and makes a cute giggle noise so whatever. I'll keep trying.

The things you do to entertain your children.


  1. Cute blog :) Your daughter is gorgeous! New follower :):)

    If you get a chance, check mine out too! (Particularly the post about gender envy...definitely feel that seeing how cute your little girl is)

  2. Hey thanks! I am following you now too :) Always looking for other mom blogs to read. And thanks for the link. It's refreshing to read honest words like that. And you have two beautiful boys :)