Thursday, September 2, 2010

Out and about. Or not.

I'm quickly learning how much work goes into just getting myself and Sofia ready to go out anywhere. Yesterday we were going to go for a walk. After I made sure she was dry, fed and dressed for the cool weather, I got myself dressed and packed up her diaper bag with all the essentials (extra diapers, clothes, blanket, socks, toys etc etc etc). I strapped her in, put the dog upstairs and locked the safety gate and off we went! We got up the street, around the corner and one block away when I realized there was an enormous dark cloud hovering right above us. Then I heard the thunder. Then I felt the raindrops. After all that I turned around and headed back home. It rained for the rest of the afternoon and we didn't get to go for our walk.


So today we will go through it all again and I'm hoping this time the weather cooperates. Oh well, even if it doesn't it gives us something to do! The joys of having a baby :)


  1. Oh, sometimes I ask myself why I have to go through so much anxiety when doing something as mundane as going to the mall. It's the preparation before the journey that's so tedious. So yes, fellow Mom. I feel for you :)

    Btw, thanks for adding me!

  2. lol yup! But it's all part of the adventure right!

    Thanks for adding me too, it's nice to meet some other moms out there in cyber space :)