Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Roll over, roll over

One day your baby car barely lift her head on her own and the next she is rolling over. I was actually starting to get a little discouraged because Sofia wasn't rolling over and I kept hearing about these babies who would roll both ways by the time they were three months old. But my inner voice told me that she would do it on her own time (and her giant head - thanks to daddy - was impeding her ability to move too quickly).

Up until yesterday, when I'd put her on the floor for the obligatory tummy time, she would grunt and squirm and plant her face in the floor. So I tended to avoid tummy time all together, figuring that she'd figure it out when she was ready.

Yesterday morning at playgroup I put her on an activity mat on her back as per usual. The first thing she did was reach her left arm across her body, arching her back as she tried to get a teething ring just out of her reach. I immediately freaked out, thinking she was about to roll from her back to her belly. I kept luring her with toys and she kept reaching and arching, but no rolling.

So last night at home, I had her on the floor again and she was doing it again. This time I figured I would help her out a bit and see if she'd get the hang of it. So I flipped her over onto her belly. Then, not five seconds later, she pushes herself up with her arms, leans a little to the side and , voila! She's back onto her back. Saying I freaked this time would be an understatement. I was so surprised, I scooped her up and planted about 50 kisses all over her face while telling her how proud I was.

I have no idea where that came from. I gotta say, I have a super awesome kid. I'm sure every mom says that, but I'm saying it anyway.

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