Friday, September 24, 2010

The multitaksing mom

This Sunday I'm attending the Savvy Parent Seminar in Saskatoon. I heard about it through my mom and tot group. I was never the type of person to go to things like that, not alone especially. But in this case, I really thought the info could be useful to me and honestly, I'll take any opportunity to learn how to be a better mom. So Michael will drop myself and Sofia off on Sunday afternoon and we will see what we can learn.

One thing I considered after I bought tickets was that I haven't really spent this long (four hours) out in public with the baby by myself. Sure, we've gone for walks around town, to playgroup and once I even drove the two of us the hour to Saskatoon to pick up a friend at the bus station. But none of those outings required me to carry/change/feed her without any help whatsoever. And me being the paranoid person I am, of course I worry about the little things.

Like one of the first questions I asked myself was how am I going to go to the bathroom if the ... need arises? I mean, I will have our umbrella stroller with me so at least I know I have somewhere I can put her while I do my business. Seriously, these are the kinds of things that cross my mind.

I honestly don't know how single parents do it. I admire them, I really do. I am so lucky to have a husband who takes a very active role in raising our daughter. He does everything I do, aside from breastfeeding (but he does give her a bottle at times). So when I don't have him at my side I start to panic. I know it's silly because people do it by themselves all the time, but I am also aware that I am spoiled.

I am not going to let my paranoia deter me from doing things though, which is why I decided to take this opportunity to attend a seminar that will be interesting, informative and maybe help me overcome that paranoia anyway.

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