Thursday, September 9, 2010

The quiet life of a mommy

The baby is sleeping in her car seat. We got home from playgroup and she couldn't keep her eyes open so I figured, why disturb her if she's comfy? So I put on the dishwasher and folded yesterday's laundry and tried to make the house smell pretty with these diffusers I've had since Christmas (cause our house smells like kitty litter). And now I have a moment to read blogs and check Facebook.

I really like going to playgroup. It makes me feel human. It gets pretty lonely around here when you don't leave the house for days. As much as I love playing with Sofia all day long, sometimes I need adult interaction. I'm really looking forward to Monday playgroup starting up again cause we get to sit around, drink coffee and eat snacks, and even have guest speakers come in.

It's so weird how different my life is now. I went from the daily stress of work, coming home every day and venting about all the annoying things that happened that day, to actually enjoying my own company and not having to worry about deadlines and getting all my work done. Yeah it gets boring sometimes, but I love watching my little girl learn new things every day, and I'm actually enjoying life for once. If only we could live life without stress all the time.

Now I'm going to watch America's Next Top Model that I taped last night before Sofia wakes up from her nap. Ah the joys of being a stay-at-home mom lol.

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