Friday, October 1, 2010

Best. Sound. Ever.

I did it! I finally got Sofia to laugh! This time it wasn't an inanimate object she thought was amusing for no apparent reason. This time, I made her laugh all by myself.

For a while now she has visibly enjoyed the tried and true game of "Peek-a-Boo". I hide behind a blanket and pop out and she squeals and grins, so happy that mommy is back safe and sound. Well, when I was taking to my mom the other day she told me that when I was a baby she got me to laugh by jumping out at me and saying "boo!" So I thought, heck, why couldn't that work for my baby too?

Well it worked like a charm! As soon as I said "boo!" she broke into full out giggles. And this time daddy was lucky enough to be home for lunch and we were able to catch the whole thing on video.

I am really going to miss when all these little things are such a big deal. I love love love seeing what new and exciting thing Sofia will do each day. I never thought something so simple could make me so happy.

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