Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Beginning

I've decided to start a new blog. This one is going to be a place for me to brag about/vent about/reflect on my new life as a mother. It's very different from my old life, the one where I spent my days working for a newspaper, stressing out about deadlines and chronicling the life of everyone around me. Now I get to focus on MY life, and the life of this little person I created (with the help of my husband of course hehe). So far it's been boring at times, sometimes even lonely, but at the same time exciting. There is nothing better than watching someone grow up right in front of your eyes.

I am excited to be able to write about my everyday experiences, no matter how mundane they may be. Probably no one will read this blog, but I'm putting it out there anyway.

Today has been pretty normal for me. Sofia slept in! Of course I'm sure that had to do with the fact that she was in my bed. She's such a happy baby. I put her in her Exersaucer for the first time and she went to town with all the toys. I could sit and watch her discover her surroundings forever. She is starting to get the hang of reaching and grabbing at things now. My little angel is napping now and I'm enjoying this quiet time to myself. Although I am wondering when she will wake up so we can play again ... ;)

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