Sunday, October 24, 2010

Introducing ... real food!

This week has been exciting for our little family, even aside from having nana and poppy here. Sofia got her first taste of real food!

There was much anticipation leading up to the moment when we finally decided she was ready to eat solids. I may have mentioned previously that we attempted to give her rice cereal when she was 4 and a half months old, but she kind of just screwed up her face and stuck out her tongue and didn't know what to do with it. But she will be 6 months old tomorrow, so we figured that even if she wasn't completely ready, she was going to learn how to eat. So we got out the cereal box again and this time, after a few misfires she started figuring out how to swallow it. Success!!

So we've now moved from bland rice cereal (which she loved even through the blandness) to bananas (that I mushed up myself mmm) and just yesterday, sweet potatoes. So far, so good!

I have no idea if we are doing this right, or if there even is a "right" way to do it for that matter. I mean, we are giving the suggested beginner foods and waiting four days between trying new ones, so we've got that part down. But I am not sure about the frequency of feeding, how much to be giving her at a time and if certain foods are better fed at certain times of the day. I'm kind of just going with the flow and hoping it's right.

And once again, I'm trying not to read too much information, particularly from the Internet cause that just makes the whole process even more confusing.

I WOULD have talked to the public health nurse at Sofia's 6 month appointment about starting her on solids, had we actually shown up for it! I honestly thought it was next Thursday, but nope, it was last Thursday and I completely forgot. I really kicked myself for that because 1) I never forget stuff, let alone important stuff, and 2) this was a super important appointment, where she was getting her vaccines, probably the flu shot and I had lots of questions to ask.

I learned my lesson after that; always write appointments on the calendar! And stop forgetting anything. Now, there was something I was supposed to be doing right now ........

Friday, October 22, 2010


My life has been busy lately. That's my excuse for not blogging more. This past week, we were lucky enough to welcome Sofia's grandparents, Michael's parents, to our little town on the prairies. Several months ago they decided to uproot the lives they had made in Newfoundland and come live closer to us (meaning of course, they wanted to be closer to their granddaughter lol). So the last week they have been staying with us as they wait for their moving truck to arrive so they can settle into their new home.

I'm super happy about this. I know a lot of mothers probably wish their in-laws were nowhere near them. I have heard horror stories about the mother-in-law from hell, overstepping boundaries and pushing their parenting style on their daughter-in-law. I feel like I kind of lucked out in the in-laws situation. Mine are fabulous. They don't overstep, they respect our parenting style and they treat Sofia like gold. They are helpful but not in the way, and well, who would complain about having a built in babysitter?

I'm just happy that when I go back to work after my mat leave is up that I won't have to send Sofia to a daycare or to be babysat by a stranger. I will know that she is in capable hands and I can actually focus on starting a new job without the stress of worrying about whether she will be ok.

It will be different with my in-laws so close by, but thankfully I don't have a Monster-in law. Phew.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sofia's Travels

I haven't blogged in over a week because my little family took a little autumn vacation. We drove a total of about 10 hours to visit relatives. I was super nervous about how Sofia would handle the long drive, but we broke it up, stopping overnight about halfway, and I sat in the backseat with her so she wouldn't get lonely, and she did awesome!

Even with the long drive, two little cousins ages 4 and 6, and being constantly on the go, our little pumpkin stayed relatively close to her schedule, got lots of sleep and had a ton of fun! She also go lots of toys, both new and hand-me-downs, so our collection is quickly expanding.

I'm so happy that she is a good traveler! I love visiting places, new and old, so I'm glad that we don't have to change that now that we have a baby. And other family and friends get to see her too.

Hmm, where can we go next?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bad tummy and boogers

I'm sad today. After the laughter and happiness that came from my daughter yesterday, last night felt like a bad dream. Something was bothering her, either gas or the beginnings of a cold, and poor Sofia was the opposite of her usual sunny self.

She'd begin to drift off to sleep and then whatever was hurting her would kick in and she'd arch her back and just start to cry. And it wasn't the "not really a cry" cry. It was a full out, real tears, red face cry. I hate that cry. It makes my heart hurt.

So Michael and I lay down with her on our bed and cuddled, telling her everything would be ok and mommy and daddy were there, until she finally relaxed and we knew she was in a deep sleep.

She slept fine and woke up for her usual 1 a.m. and 4:30 a.m. feedings and this morning she was smiling up at me when I got up. Lucky she's a happy kid cause she also woke up with a nose full of boogers and every time she sneezed (which, of course, was more than normal) she blew them right out. So now I'm making sure there is a box of kleenex somewhere nearby at all times.

I hope this cold of hers doesn't get any worse because tomorrow we are taking to the highway for our last little vacation of the year to visit family. We have to drive five hours tomorrow and five hours on Monday to reach our final destination, and we've never driven that far with the baby before. So. While she naps I'm going to pack a bag of cold remedies for baby so maybe we'll have a chance of making it in one piece. It should be quite the adventure.

I gotta say, there is nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain or discomfort, knowing there's very little you can do other than give her all the love you can. And wipe her nose when the boogers fly.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Best. Sound. Ever.

I did it! I finally got Sofia to laugh! This time it wasn't an inanimate object she thought was amusing for no apparent reason. This time, I made her laugh all by myself.

For a while now she has visibly enjoyed the tried and true game of "Peek-a-Boo". I hide behind a blanket and pop out and she squeals and grins, so happy that mommy is back safe and sound. Well, when I was taking to my mom the other day she told me that when I was a baby she got me to laugh by jumping out at me and saying "boo!" So I thought, heck, why couldn't that work for my baby too?

Well it worked like a charm! As soon as I said "boo!" she broke into full out giggles. And this time daddy was lucky enough to be home for lunch and we were able to catch the whole thing on video.

I am really going to miss when all these little things are such a big deal. I love love love seeing what new and exciting thing Sofia will do each day. I never thought something so simple could make me so happy.