Friday, February 4, 2011

Our crazy life

It's been a busy few weeks at our house, which is my excuse for not writing in a while. Although I am quite aware that it being busy is not news. I just haven't felt inspired, I guess. Well now I have lots of things running through my head. I haven't been sleeping well, partly because Sofia is still waking up twice at night (ugh) and partly because I just can't seem to shut my mind off.

The stomach flu has gone around our house. I got it twice and Michael got it once. Thankfully, Sofia didn't get it so that's the main thing. We went on a little trip to visit friends for five days, then came home for two days and then went away again for one night. I don't really want to go anywhere else for a little while. I love visiting and going new places, but I can't stand long drives, especially when it's -30 outside so you can't even look out the windows because they are all frosted up lol. Again, I am super thankful because Sofia is an absolutely amazing traveler. Even though I hate long drives, that doesn't usually stop us from going places, so her being a good traveler is awesome.

Our little girl is getting to be a bigger girl every day. At her 9 month weigh-in she was 18.4 lbs and 27 in. She eats like her dad (ie all the time and anything at all) and she sleeps great (aside from the waking up at night still). She's still not crawling, at least not forwards. She has managed to figure out how to go backwards and sideways and how to get off her belly into a sitting position, so even though she isn't crawling on her hands and knees, she gets where she wants to go.

We've also been dealing with separation anxiety, especially when it comes to her grandfather and her daddy. She is a major daddy's girl. When he walks into the room her face lights up and she starts to bounce. I'm thinking the reason she is so enthralled with them is because they are the ones who spoil her the most ha ha.

My baby girl amazes me every day. She is becoming a real little person with her own personality. I can't believe that her birthday is right around the corner. Life is about to get even more crazy, with me starting my photography business (aiming for April 1st!), my mom coming to visit and who knows what else. Now, if winter would just be over and done with so that we can enjoy some of our craziness outside ... that would make my life perfect and complete.

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