Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cabin fever sets in

Oh. My. God. Will winter EVER END?! It's about that time when I begin to experience cabin fever. Thank goodness the sun is shining today, so I can look outside and at least imagine that it's not -22 degrees. I'm pretty sure Sofia agrees with these sentiments because on the days when we don't go anywhere, it's increasing difficult to occupy her. By about 3 p.m. she begins to get fussy and of course is determined not to nap even though she's tired, so I have to deal with it and try to keep her entertained somehow.

And the nights are no better. I was getting used to getting up twice at night to feed her (still!), but this week it's been unbearable. On top of her usual two wake-ups, she will cry out periodically, just enough to wake me up, and some nights like last night she just cries (or screams, as the case may be) and we can't figure out what's wrong. She won't eat, she won't settle down, and we ended up giving her Tylenol. Last night she just screamed and screamed and we knew she was in pain, possibly teething. I just feel so helpless. I hate not knowing what's wrong and just guessing how to make her feel better. We go through this checklist and hope that something will calm her down.

All this lack of sleep and dealing with the cold and traveling has made me weary. I have just a couple months to get my photography studio up and running, and it's not really happening. I am waiting for our basement to be completed before I can set everything up, so that is my best and only real excuse. I just haven't felt motivated. I haven't even felt like taking pictures of Sofia, much to the dismay of my family on the other side of the country.

Oh well, the lesson to be learned here is that there are ups and downs. We might be down right now, but I know things will get better. My baby girl is growing and amazing me more every day, and with growth comes change and hopefully, eventually, more sleep!

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