Friday, January 14, 2011

Boy oh boy

This morning Sofia and I helped celebrate my friend's son Lucas' first birthday. As I watched her play on the floor with her new friends I realized that it figures, she'd make fast friends with two boys. It's just the way things worked out. She has met lots of other babies, both boys and girls, at playgroup but because us moms get along, she's been spending most of her time with the boys. Sofia is the youngest of the group, and the only one of them not yet crawling and/or walking. She kinda of just sits there with a pile of toys surrounding her watching the boys chase each other (and I'm sure, planning her future advances).

Sofia and her two boy friends out for a walk
This does not really worry me. For one, she's 8.5 months old. She doesn't care who she's hanging out with. Second, she will have plenty of time to make more friends of both genders. For now, it's cute to watch them play together and to think that in a few years they will all be going to school together. I actually think it's great that she could have friends to grow up with like that. Maybe she'll date one or each of them at some point, or maybe they will just be platonic friends, but the kind of friends who do everything together and tell each other everything. Or maybe when they get older they won't be close friends at all. Whatever. All I do know is that those boys better treat her good!


  1. She's 8 months old and can't crawl yet?

  2. Yes, actually she is 9 months old and not crawling yet, at least not forwards. She goes backwards every other direction lol.