Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The ever illusive "Me Time"

It was another busy weekend at our house. We had friends visiting and  we enjoyed Family Day Monday in the city. We went swimming, and though it was WAY too crowded for me, Sofia loved the water as always. Then we went out for supper at Red Lobster, where we were seated in the "kiddie corner" (where they put all the families with small children, so the possible crying, screaming, squealing and baby talk doesn't drive the single couples crazy). It was fun though, and the food was awesome.

Today it's back to just me and the baby. She's napping now, so I get to enjoy a little "me time", which of course means sitting at the computer playing Facebook games, checking emails and obviously updating my blog.

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with this "me time". Or, I'm not sure what other moms do. Maybe I should do something productive like empty the dishwasher (and re-fill it again) or put away the mountain of laundry sitting in the bedroom to make room for the load that's about to come out of the dryer. Perhaps I should read a book (ha!) or get a shower or make the bed. Nah, I'd prefer to use this time to do something mindless and not housework related.

Quick, she's sleeping, go do something productive!
As time goes on, "me time" becomes shorter and shorter. I'm lucky to have a husband who lets me have some time to myself once in a while so I can go get a bubble bath or watch one of the many shows taking up space on our PVR. He gets his own "me time" when he plays hockey and when Sofia and I take off to playgroup on his day off.

It's really important for us to have time to ourselves, and I'm not just saying that because all the baby books and websites tell me so. I need to unwind, whether that means actually relaxing in the tub or sitting at the computer for half an hour doing absolutely nothing important. If I didn't get those times, I think I'd go bonkers. All the playing and singing and watching cartoons can get to you after a while. And I want to enjoy those things, because they are part of watching my baby grow up.

K, my time is going to be up soon so I better go check Facebook.

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