Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Day Lament

I'm such a girl. Every year on Valentine's Day I maintain that we do not need to "celebrate" it. I really do believe that we shouldn't assign just one day to express our love for one another. But then, being the hypocritical girl that I am, I'm always disappointed if I don't get a surprise. In the past, Michael has surprised me with various gifts; flowers and sweet cards, and we have gone out on several occasions for supper. This year, I once again sad I didn't care and we didn't have to do anything for each other. I even went as far as to say that I especially didn't want a card because they just pile up and then I feel bad throwing them out. Of course, this came AFTER he had already bought me a card, both from himself and from Sofia. Oops.

So I felt a little bad. I didn't get him anything and we didn't plan anything because we had to drive to the city anyway with his parents on V-Day.

The more I think about it, the more I think I should stop being so silly. First of all, what's wrong with expressing our love for each other, even if it has to be on the designated day? It doesn't mean we shouldn't express our love on other days too. And besides, shouldn't I LIKE getting gifts? Now that I have a child, I think I should start enjoying the holiday anyway, because she will have to give out valentines to her friends, and maybe I'll make heart shaped cookies or something for her. Ha! But really, it doesn't have to be about mushy, sappy, romantic love. It can be about family love. I actually like the idea of celebrating Valentine's Day as a family instead of leaving the baby with a babysitter and going out for supper or something. Why not bake those heart shaped cookies together, and then get to enjoy them together too? That's a plan for next year.

The one thing we did celebrate this Valentine's Day was Sofia starting to crawl forwards finally!! It was a momentous occasion! For weeks she has been going backwards, sideways, rolling and sliding, every way but forwards. She's becoming a real little girl now. Aww, my baby is growing up! That's something to love <3


  1. Me and Jack don't really celebrate Valentine's Day either. We spent our night playing with our baby and watching a movie [same as every other night]

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    P.S. Love Scentsy!