Friday, October 22, 2010


My life has been busy lately. That's my excuse for not blogging more. This past week, we were lucky enough to welcome Sofia's grandparents, Michael's parents, to our little town on the prairies. Several months ago they decided to uproot the lives they had made in Newfoundland and come live closer to us (meaning of course, they wanted to be closer to their granddaughter lol). So the last week they have been staying with us as they wait for their moving truck to arrive so they can settle into their new home.

I'm super happy about this. I know a lot of mothers probably wish their in-laws were nowhere near them. I have heard horror stories about the mother-in-law from hell, overstepping boundaries and pushing their parenting style on their daughter-in-law. I feel like I kind of lucked out in the in-laws situation. Mine are fabulous. They don't overstep, they respect our parenting style and they treat Sofia like gold. They are helpful but not in the way, and well, who would complain about having a built in babysitter?

I'm just happy that when I go back to work after my mat leave is up that I won't have to send Sofia to a daycare or to be babysat by a stranger. I will know that she is in capable hands and I can actually focus on starting a new job without the stress of worrying about whether she will be ok.

It will be different with my in-laws so close by, but thankfully I don't have a Monster-in law. Phew.


  1. My in-laws live in our town too AND they watch our boys 2 days a week...LOVE IT, love them. So glad you get to have the same experience. It so nice having someone I know, love, and trust watch my kids.

  2. Thanks! I know, it will be so reassuring to know they are there and I can trust them. :)