Friday, December 10, 2010

Too many pictures? Too bad!

Santa Sofia and her reindeer
A couple posts down, I noted that Sofia met Santa for the first time and didn't cry at all. Well, she met Santa for the second time last weekend and this time she took one look at him and started to wail. I can't be sure, but it may have been the fake beard ... I'm just sure she knew that he wasn't the real thing this time ;)

Christmas preparations are coming along in our house. We received a HUGE box of presents from Nana and Poppy, plus another one from Great Grandparents in Newfoundland, and we almost have all of our shopping done. Well, Santa has gotten all of Sofia's gifts, he just has to get us parents our gifts.

Understandably, we are not nearly as excited about shopping for each other as previous years. I really don't care if I get anything, for two reasons. One, well the obvious, that I'd rather just buy stuff for the baby and open all her gifts for her and watch her play with the paper. And two, I already have my Christmas gifts. Well, sort of. I purchased a new external flash for my camera and my new studio equipment is current en route! I'm so excited!! I have done a few photo shoots with friends the last couple weeks and my photos are turning out better and better each time. Now, I just have to clear space in the basement for my studio and after Christmas I can start making money! Yay!

Discovering pretty Christmas bulbs
So come Christmas morning I will probably be spending more time taking pictures than opening gifts. I'm wondering if lately people are getting sick of me posting photos on Facebook, cause I just can't help myself! I know my mom did not have this many photos of me when I was a baby, but then she didn't have a digital camera either. Not sure Sofia will be happy to have so many photos of herself, but too bad, she's stuck with a photographer for a mom.

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