Friday, December 3, 2010

Balancing act

I'm starting to wonder if, in all my supposed "free time", I may have taken on too many projects. Aside from this whole motherhood thing, I've also continued to volunteer for the Lifesaving Society, designing their newsletter, as well as doing some extra work for my former employer. That's on top of my new business, which I haven't officially started yet, but I have been taking some photos for friends to get some more experience before I do launch.

Of course, all those extra things are second behind taking care of my baby girl. When I do take a few moments to do some work, I put her in her Exersaucer or in her high chair with a Mum Mum while I plug away at the computer. It doesn't last long though, because after a few minutes I start to feel guilty for doing other things when I should be playing with her. Even right now, as I type this she is laying on her boppy pillow on the floor next to me and I feel like I'm ignoring her. It doesn't help that she's at the age now where she knows when I'm not paying attention to her, and lets me know pretty quickly.

I know that having other things to do does not make me a bad mom, but I also want to enjoy this time I have with her to the fullest. I was so happy when I finally went on maternity leave and left behind all the stress of work. Being a parent comes with it's own set of stresses, so I don't really want to add more to the mix.

What I need to do is find a balance between everything that is important to me in my life. That's easier said that done, and will be a constant day-to-day challenge. It's something I'm prepared to work on though, if it means I get to stay home with my baby :)

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