Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A day out

"Ok mom, got my mittens, I'm ready to go!"
Last Saturday, Michael and I spent our first full day away from our daughter. We went with a group of friends to the movies (Harry Potter!) and left Sofia with her Nana. I admit that I was a tiny bit nervous, not because I don't trust Nana, but because Sofia is not used to drinking formula, and lately we've been having trouble getting her to drink much from a bottle. That turned out to be no problem though and she did awesome. When we got home she was already asleep and all I had to do was change her, feed her and she went right back to sleep in her crib.

I was also nervous because the last time I spent a day away from her, I came home nine hours later screaming, "I NEED TO FEED THE BABY!". Back then, in July, I had never gone without nursing for that long. I had brought my pump with me and attempted to get some relief halfway through the day, but without luck. At the time I wasn't used to pumping under pressure, and we were at Boston Pizza waiting for our food when I hurried to the bathroom to pump. What a sight I must have been. Hovering over the toilet seat (cause of course public toilets have no covers to sit on), trying to hold up my shirt with one hand and pump with the other. I felt so rushed and uncomfortable that I couldn't do it. I suffered through supper and by the time we were on the hour-long drive home, I was literally in pain.

So this time I was dreading going through that again. Luckily I had the perfect opportunity to go off to the bathroom while we all waited in the lineup for the movie to start. This time I didn't rush, although I still had to hover, and managed to pump four ounces. I went the whole day without pain yay!

Got the pumping thing down ... now if I wouldn't spend the whole day saying "I miss Sofia" ;)

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