Friday, November 19, 2010

A cold day of bad luck

Yesterday we had a snowstorm. We didn't go outside and it was nice to cuddle up on the couch with a blanket and read a book (Harry Potter! Going to see it on Sunday!) Today, the sky was blue and the air was crisp (-24C anyone? Brrrr). But my mother-in-law and I, with the baby bundled up in her car seat, ventured outside anyway for a coffee and a visit to daddy at work.

It was a really nice day. And then we got home. I went to unlock the door while my MIL got Sofia. The key wouldn't go in the lock. I tried and tried, but something was in there and there was no getting in. So we tried the back door and it was locked and latched so there was no way to get in that way either. I called Michael at work and he came home to find a way in, while I sat in the car and fed Sofia, who by that time was screaming bloody murder. Finally he found a way - he climbed up on our second story bedroom balcony (not an easy feat, by the way) and thankfully that door was not locked.

Finally we were inside and warmed up. I put Sofia in her Exersaucer to play and gave her a Mum Mum to snack on. I turned my back for a few seconds while my MIL was watching her and talking on the phone. Then she was screaming again. Our dog, Bobbi (an Irish Wolfhound/Terrier cross - don't ask how that's possible, but it is, and means she is two or three times bigger than Sofia at the moment) had snatched the Mum Mum right out of her hand! I guess she had nipped or knocked her hand cause one of her fingers was red but not seriously injured. She was ok a few minutes later, but I was not impressed!

It's been a constant struggle to have a dog and a baby. I would never ever get rid of Bobbi because we had a baby, but sometimes it's frustrating because even though I know she would never hurt Sofia on purpose, I'm so scared she will do something without trying it when she's excited, barking at visitors or, in this case, hungry.

We all survived, and I know that this will not be the last injury Sofia endures, but there is nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain. And well, Bobbi got in a little trouble for that one.

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