Friday, August 5, 2011

Playing catch-up

I've discovered very quickly that as your baby goes from laying on the floor not moving to crawling and then walking, it gets harder and harder to write in your blog. But here I am, and though lots of time has passed, I still want to write about the challenges and adventures I've had as a mom.

My baby is now a toddler, getting into everything and ensuring that our house is constantly turned upside down. It's so much fun though. Every time Sofia learns a new "trick" (ie pursing her lips, blowing kisses, dancing), I get a little giddy inside. She eats like a horse and still doesn't sleep through the night, but she never stops making me smile.

We've had the challenge of learning that Sofia has asthma, and is one a twice-daily inhaler. As soon as she sees that thing coming she screams, and then she screams the whole time you are holding it up to her face. But as soon as you are done she wants to play with it, and she puts it up to her mouth by herself and breathes in and out. She's smarter than she looks, that one.

My daughter's personality is showing more and more each day. She is silly and independent. She knows how to test us and she loves to cuddle.

We took a long weekend trip to the mountains and Sofia was amazing. She loved seeing the animals and the Calgary Zoo, and she even slept well in hotel rooms.

Oh my god, she's growing up.

Now, we look forward to all kinds of new hurdles like getting rid of the bottle and the soother (funny, you work so hard to get your baby to use those things and then comes the struggle of taking them away), learning how to discipline, and eventually the dreaded potty training. I am ready though to take it as it comes.

And no I am not ready for the next one. Yet.

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